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MyCli Soft Peel Epidermal Revitalizing Complex
34 000 тг.
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Cosmetics MyCli

Residents of Kazakhstan have already become familiar with high-tech Italian cosmetics MyCli. This innovative therapeutic product has a restorative effect on the epidermis after peeling, skin cleansing and surgical procedures. The main focus of MyCli is anti-aging care with effective rejuvenation results. In order to improve the results of using MyCli cosmetics, experts recommend starting with peeling. This helps to improve the absorption of beneficial ingredients and normalizes metabolic processes at the cellular level. The acids contained in Mycli almond peeling remove dead skin layers and stimulate the deep penetration of nutrients from creams and serums. Mycli cosmetics, which you can order and buy at the best price in our online store, 

Features of the MyCli brand

It is recommended to use anti-aging cosmetics in a course and comprehensively. This will activate regeneration processes in the skin, increase the effectiveness of care and guarantee a high level of safety. The brand line includes active drugs that:

  • Intensively moisturize the skin
  • Strengthen the protective barrier against the negative effects of the environment,
  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Provide prevention and treatment of injuries during procedures, 
  • Eliminate adverse reactions after surgery.

The natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and have been proven to be completely safe in laboratory tests. A special approach to the development of recipes and technology allows:

  • Get targeted impact.
  • Combine active ingredients that penetrate the target layers of the epidermis,
  • Maintain your skin's own protective functions by starting the process of self-correction,
  • Speed up recovery after procedures
  • Reduce the risk of allergic reactions and inflammation.

Mycli cosmetics, which is produced in Italy, has an affordable price.

Popular products of the MyCli brand

Each product of the Italian brand Mycli is unique in its properties. We have grouped them into a series by target action:

  • Recovery helps restore and heal mature skin, restoring its youthfulness and elasticity.
  • Peeling gently removes dead skin cells. Mycli peeling contains mandelic acid, suitable for home use.
  • Alfacall produces a deep update and speeds up metabolic processes. Improves tissue permeability and oxygen saturation.
  • Cromaclar corrects pigmented areas and optimizes melanin production.
  • Vitaboost helps restore an even skin tone and energizes the epidermis with healthy energy.
  • HA-Plast has a filling effect and perfectly evens out the skin. Activates the production of its own hyaluronic acid.
  • Liftable stimulates skin tone and gives a lifting effect.

Mimic wrinkles, age-related changes, mental folds, dyschromia, dehydration and other undesirable manifestations can be corrected using the protocols for the use of Italian cosmetics Mycli. It is easy to buy it online, you can also get professional advice from our managers on the use of each product.