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American cosmeceuticals Is Clinical

Cosmeceutical — These are products that are at the intersection of conventional cosmetics and pharmacology. These are products with strong (often innovative) ingredients that can solve skin problems on a completely different level. A vivid example of such cosmeceuticals — is the American brand Is Clinical. It was created in 2002 by a scientist named Brian Jones and entrepreneur Alec Call. Brian Jones has been studying the problem of aging for a long time, so his new cosmetics have collected the latest developments and unique solutions that help the skin stay young.

If you do not know where to buy Is Clinical cosmetics in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Belarus, our online store solves this problem. We deliver professional facial cosmetics to all of the above countries and some more. Delivery of kits to Almaty, Nur-Sultan and other settlements of Kazakhstan is free for customers. Now everyone can order innovative cosmeceuticals.

Before you decide to buy Is Clinical products in our online store, let's get to know them in more detail.

The benefits of Is Clinical cosmetics

The products of this brand have several significant advantages at once:

  • Effective compositions. Depending on the product, encapsulated retinol, AHA and BHA acids, vitamin C, various types of hyaluronic acid, peptides, tripeptides, enzymes, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. are used in the formulas. A lot of effort and time is devoted to the development of each formula.
  • Confirmation of the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals through clinical trials. And this does not apply to individual components, but to each specific composition.
  • Really new products. These include, for example, multifunctional serums with powerful formulas — as Is Clinical Pro Heal Serum . This anti-aging, soothing and anti-inflammatory treatment is formulated with advanced vitamin C, olive leaf extract and 1% retinol.
  • 100% secure. Any funds from the — e.g. Is Clinical Serum Advance — can be used without restrictions, including during pregnancy, lactation. The brand has a certificate confirming compliance with GMP standards.

We also note the variety of available compositions. These are not only the already mentioned serums, but also cleansers like Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, as well as nourishing creams and eye creams, sunscreens and lip elixirs, as well as excellent compositions for the neck and décolleté.

The cost of Is Clinical cosmetics

Reading information about Is Clinical, a person with extensive experience in using high-quality cosmeceuticals will immediately understand that we are not talking about the lowest prices. But the cost of the products of this brand is fully justified by the compositions, the effectiveness proven through clinical trials and the result that buyers see on their skin. Moreover, the price of Is Clinical against the background of all high-quality cosmeceuticals is relatively low — there are many funds on the market that are much more expensive, but the result is the same.

Unfortunately, there are no cheap means in the struggle for youth. Just look at how much plastic surgery costs, with the help of which you have to correct all the mistakes of care and the wrong lifestyle. These are large sums, as well as additional health risks, which also do not go unnoticed. It is much cheaper to buy good cosmeceuticals and keep your skin healthy, postponing (or not considering) surgery as much as possible.

How skin care works with Is Clinical cosmetics

This brand has two options for products: only for salon care and those that are suitable for the salon and home. Among professional solutions, the indisputable favorite of clients is the procedure “Fire and Ice” Is Clinical (Fire & Ice). It is based on exfoliation of the stratum corneum, as well as on the use of two masks: warming and cooling. The procedure lasts about 40 minutes, but during this time it is possible to get an excellent effect. The skin becomes clean and elastic, blood circulation improves, cells receive many useful substances for regeneration. And the departure of “Fire and Ice” Is Clinical brightens the tone of the face, makes it more even and beautiful.

If Is Clinical salon treatments are complemented by home remedies of the same brand, then the effect will be amazing at all. No wonder this cosmeceutical has already won the hearts of the most demanding

Популярные вопросы

How to apply IS Clinical Serum?
Serum should be applied to dry, clean, toned skin with light pressing / driving touches of the fingers. The required amount of the product is 3-4 drops. Can be used on the face, neck and décolleté.
How much does iS Clinical cost?
The price of the product will depend on its type, line, volume. This is a professional cosmeceutical with proven effectiveness, the cost of which varies from 27 to 70 thousand tenge.