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Tokio Inkarami

Revitalizing hair products often provide only an external short-term effect, since they only affect the cuticle or the surface layers of the cortex. However, today there are professional recovery systems that affect the entire hair structure. This is how the unique Japanese professional care Tokio Inkarami works, providing the reconstruction of damaged hair at the deepest level. 

Thanks to Tokio Inkarami products, hair restoration is complex, both the cuticle and all the inner layers of the hair shaft are healed. As a result, damage is not only restored, the strands become stronger, stronger, their elasticity and shine increase. 

Features of the Tokio Inkarmi brand

  • At the heart of the highest efficiency provided by the deep hair restoration system is the impact at the level of polypeptides and protofibrils of the cortex. Thus, there is not just a temporary and visual transformation of the hair, but an improvement in their structure from the inside. 
  • A stable, pronounced and long-lasting result is another important advantage that Japanese hair restoration. According to the results of the test, the hair structure restores by 140%, namely, parameters such as tear resistance and elasticity are improved. 
  • Salon and home products use the most powerful antioxidant known at the moment - fullerenes. For the discovery of these compounds, scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. In Tokio Inkarmi brand products, this component is aimed at neutralizing oxidative stress and preventing damage.

The Tokio Inkarmi system is a professional salon treatment and several home care product lines that you can order on the LULU website. We offer only original cosmetics of the brand, and the favorable price and convenient delivery terms in Kazakhstan will be an additional incentive to get acquainted with these amazing Japanese beauty products.

  • The PLATINUM series is ideal for owners of thin, weak hair.
  • The PREMIUM series with a powerful thermal protection and moisturizing effect will optimally take care of the health of dry, moisture-free strands.
  • The SPA series is aimed at comprehensive skin and hair care, suitable for men and women. Recommended in the fight against dandruff, itching, hypersensitivity of the scalp. 

Popular Tokio Inkarmi brand products

Of course, Tokio Inkarami care must be selected based on the characteristics and needs of hair and skin. A detailed description of each product on the site will help you make a choice, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask our beauty consultants in the chat.

  • Premium Shampoo - luxurious deep revitalizing shampoo with a complex of peptides, fullerene, collagen, silk and keratin. 
  • Head Spa Treatment - Tokyo Inkarami conditioner, which is recommended for owners of problematic, sensitive, dandruff-prone scalp.
  • Platinum Oil Treatment Moisturizing, heat-protective and conditioning oil that will complement the care of any type of hair. 

The best place to order Tokio Inkarami products is the official LULU website. We guarantee the originality, quality and favorable price of any product! 

Популярные вопросы

How much does it cost to leave Tokyo Inkarami?
Depends on the funds you choose. The cost may vary depending on the line, type of product and its volume. You can see current prices on our website.
How to do the Tokyo Inkarami Grooming?
Tokio Inkarami's cult revitalizing salon treatment must be performed by specialists who select preparations for the procedure individually. The brand's home care involves the use of shampoo, treatment, oil, fluid and mask.