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Authentic Beauty Concept: how to achieve perfection with the help of nature

People who choose a healthy lifestyle, giving preference to environmentally friendly products, clothing and interior items made from natural raw materials, should order Authentic Beauty Concept cosmetics in the LULU online store. The founders of the brand rely on the inexhaustible potential of nature, its strength, power, naturalness. The dominant component, which is part of almost all products, is guar - an extract from legume or vegetable resins. The range includes truly miraculous hair shampoos, balms, styling products such as ABC Salt Spray, providing reliable fixation. Thanks to the texturizing Shaping Cream without a drop of artificial wax, curls acquire fantastic volume, shimmering shine, causing sincere admiration of others. And the vibes of blooming peonies, roses, freesias and fresh greenery emanating from them turn your head, filling your soul with inspiration.

ABC Brand Features

The main principle of the creative activity of the ABC company is the desire to provide each client with the opportunity to find and emphasize their natural beauty. This allows a person to feel in complete harmony with nature and society, increases his self-esteem, inspires confidence in his attractiveness. Secrets of the popularity of brand products.

  • Composition. It is perfectly balanced, so all components not only work for the result, but further enhance it due to the organic combination with each other. Authentic Beauty Concept hair masks contain extracts from plants that restore the hair structure as quickly as possible, fill it with strength, add shine and volume. With regular use, your curls will become the subject of admiration for others!
  • Melting texture. Shampoos, balms, sprays of the Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate moisturizing series gently cleanse, nourish, moisturize every cell, and promote easy natural styling. Due to the absence of parabens and silicones in them, the hairstyle does not become heavier, does not fall off, and retains its shape.
  • Fragrance. Each of the products presented on the virtual showcases, be it ABC shampoo or conditioner, has an amazing aroma of blooming nature - it is an intoxicating cocktail of peonies irrigated with morning dew, roses heated in the sun, freshly cut grass, tantalizing spices.

Shopping at LULU will be a pleasure due to affordable prices and the availability of original branded products. Delivery is carried out in Almaty, Nur-Sultan, to any other corner of the country in full and on time.

ABC Brand Popular Products

The natural desire of the buyer is to try everything! And it is definitely worth bringing it to life, starting with the most sought-after positions (according to the hairdresser Linda Shalabit, who prefers only Authentic Beauty Concept products in her work!).

  • ABC Glow Essence. This is your option if you do not have enough brilliance in your life, moreover, literally and figuratively! In symbiosis with the mask of the same series, the essence works wonders - curls acquire a magical glow.
  • ABC Solid Pomade. Transparent and thick lipstick is designed to create plastic, but stable styling. Suitable for lovers of hairstyles with the effect of wet hair.
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Shampoo. An ambulance for hair when you need to put it in order as quickly as possible. Easy to use, leaves no residue, has a seductive scent.

The LULU online store presents a luxurious assortment of goods at the lowest price in Kazakhstan. You can buy any of the products you like in one click. Competent consultants are always ready to help and choose a complete care package based on the individual characteristics of your hair

Популярные вопросы

How to take care of your hair with Authentic Beauty Concept?
Care must be selected taking into account the characteristics of your hair. The basis of the beauty routine is the classic trio of products - shampoo, conditioner and mask. To strengthen and supplement this system, liquid thermal protective fluids, as well as lotions, sprays and other specialized care products, allow.
What can I buy for hair care from Authentic Beauty Concept?
Focus on the type and needs of the hair: Hydrate products are ideal for dry hair, Glow for colored hair, Replenish for damaged strands, Amplify for thin hair that needs extra volume. Also in the assortment of the brand are stunning multifunctional styling products - varnishes, mousses, spray powder and others.



I saw the effect from the second application. The hair became revitalized, slightly thickened, and as if each hair was separate, but at the same time obedient. There is no effect for you, but I think you need to give it time. For the best effect, after applying the mask, put on a shower cap or a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel and warm it with hot air from a hair dryer for 5-10 minutes outside.