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PSA cosmetics: the secret of eternal youth

The philosophy of the PSA cosmetics manufacturer is to maintain health with the help of natural ingredients without the use of any chemicals. Therefore, in his catalog there are so many products for teenagers and people with sensitive epidermis. The LULU online store is the official website of PSA cosmetics - this is where you can always order branded creams, serums, gels, etc. at manufacturer's prices without overpayments.

Please note that by becoming a regular visitor of the resource, you get certain preferences! Firstly, the store regularly holds profitable promotions and sales; secondly, it provides an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate; thirdly, subject to certain conditions, it delivers the goods free of charge throughout Kazakhstan. Experience the magic of PSA brand products!

Professional cosmetics PSA - an excellent line of products to improve the level of the skin

To a greater extent, PSA brand cosmetics are designed for a youth audience, but people of different ages use them with pleasure, once they discover their effectiveness, delicacy, and pleasant cost. Experts believe that the main secret of eternal youth is daily and pedantic care, which should become a habit over time. What are the benefits of PSA cosmetics?

  • Composition. A harmonious combination of natural oils, antioxidants, peptides, superfoods, vitamins, several types of acids in the complete absence of silicones, sulfates, alcohols, synthetic additives acts as a divine nectar for skin cells. Even the packaging is made from biodegradable materials and decorated with soy ink!
  • A well-defined usage algorithm. For convenience, PSA professional cosmetics are numbered according to the stages of application - this is very convenient. Such a non-standard approach makes her popular and in demand among young charmers, who no longer have the task of remembering what and why to put into action - experts have already done it for them.

Navigation of the site is simple, clear, functional. Thanks to numerous filters, it is easy to find the product of interest in a matter of minutes. If necessary, consultants will select a skin care complex for you, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin and existing problems. The funds can be safely considered as a worthy present to loved ones due to their impeccable quality and original packaging design.

Popular PSA brand products in the online store

It is difficult to choose the best positions of PSA cosmetics from the luxurious assortment presented on the virtual showcases of the LULU store. To make things easier, check out the top ones.

  • Moisturizing nourishing serum. The components contained in it fill each cell with moisture and substances necessary for life. Bisabolol, which is part of the composition, relieves irritation and flaking, and panthenol has a healing effect.
  • Brightening Mask PSA Light Up Vitamin C&E Flash Brightening Mask. The presence of vitamins C and E turns it into a miraculous elixir that evens out skin tone and improves its turgor. Positioned as a tool for regular use.
  • Retinol night oil PSA Midnight Courage Rosehip & Bakuchiol Retinol Night. While you sleep, it works, and the results can be seen after a few days of use. Age spots gradually disappear, pores narrow, the face acquires the desired tenderness and velvety.

It is possible to order PSA cosmetics in the LULU online store at any time convenient for you. You can find out about the terms of delivery of the ordered goods in Almaty, to Nur-Sultan, in general throughout the territory of Kazakhstan in the corresponding section of the company's official website.

Популярные вопросы

What class does PSA cosmetics belong to?
PSA belongs to the class of professional cosmeceuticals. The company is a subsidiary of Allies of Skin and presents simple and easy-to-use multifunctional beauty products aimed at the youth category of consumers.
How much does PSA cosmetics cost?
Unlike Allies of Skin (PSA's "big brother"), PSA cosmetics are aimed primarily at a youth audience and are presented at more affordable prices. PSA products typically cost 30-50% less than Allies of Skin products of the same category. The average cost of PSA products is 12-16 thousand tenge.



The texture of the mask is very pleasant. Does not pull the face, but even as if it warms a little. After the procedure, the face is noticeably brightened and the tone evens out. Allergies and other side effects have not been identified.


This is a great product that everyone should have! I like that this mask is not like the masks we are used to, more like a balm, and 5 minutes is enough for it to do its job! The face immediately becomes fresher, smoother, rested! Recommend!


I’ve been using it for almost a month at night. The serum smells like candy, I use it after the Paula choice acid tonic, after I apply this serum, I don’t close it with a cream, since the serum is very moisturizing, does it give a very good glow in the morning?


For me, a very rich serum, because I constantly use retinol and acids at night, and this perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. I don’t always cover it with cream)) it’s a little sticky, but I’m already used to it because I always put it on during the day☺️


A great alternative to Promise Keeper by Allies of Skin. Comfortable in application, does not require subsequent application of the cream. Radiant and "clean" skin in the morning.


This serum is really cool?, glowing skin in the morning, and most importantly, it brightens post-acne marks. At the beginning, I thought if there would be an effect, because before that I used mandelic from Allies of S, it is generally chic❤️ But goals also surprised me with its composition and price that I decided to try, both do not dry the skin. Now there is no inflammation at all??


Don't quite understand the product yet? I don't like the stickiness after application, but I think you just need to get used to it. Moisturizes really well, especially noticeable after using retinol in my case.


Great toner. I use it morning and evening after cleansing. Instantly adds radiance and hydration to skin. This is probably the first time I've seen results from a toner! I thank the Lulu team for super funds, it's super when the money is well spent and the product really meets your expectations!


First applied to the sponge, I think that's why the expense was huge. Then I watched a video from the Lulu team, now I apply it with my fingers under Allies of skin almond peeling. In the morning, the skin is smooth and supple, the spots slowly lighten. The feel and smell is very pleasant.


Serum for 5+ Excellent result! I will definitely buy more. Recommend.