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RejudiCare Synergy Cosmetics

Fans of revolutionary methods in the field of beauty and health should try to experience the wonderful effect of Canadian cosmeceuticals in Kazakhstan. The unique developments of scientists are based on the use of synergy technology, when the next product further enhances the impact of the previous one. Proper use of the line of products becomes a worthy alternative to drug treatment for people with certain dermatological problems. You can always buy RejudiCare cosmetics at LULU online store at the manufacturer's price.

The catalog contains positions for any type of skin that cope with various problems: dryness, enlarged pores, acne, etc. For example, Rejudicare 2crm Sal serum contains acids, vitamins and seaweed extracts - in combination they are extremely in a short time, relieve inflammation, giving oily skin a dull and healthy color. A face cream Rejudicare 3c cream intensively moisturizes the cells, slowing down aging.

Modern RejudiCare technologies

The non-standard approach of experienced cosmetologists to the development of new formulas of care products provides the brand's products with an excellent therapeutic effect. What are the benefits of RejudiCare cosmetics?

  • It's extremely convenient and easy to use - it doesn't require a doctor's prescription.
  • It is a symbiosis of advanced innovative technologies and strict pharmaceutical standards. RejudiCare Eye Cream uses proprietary Photozyme technology to maximize skin cell protection from UV exposure.
  • It has the ability to quickly get rid of age spots, the effects of photoaging, age-related changes, rosacea, etc. For example, RejudiCare serum with peptides and vitamins can be safely called a conservative alternative to facelift surgery.
  • It has a unique composition of components, the effectiveness and safety of which has been scientifically proven. With the Pore Solution Exfoliating Toner in your arsenal, it's easy to save yourself the hassle of having to regularly visit a beautician for a facial cleansing.
  • It is positioned worldwide as a professional cosmetics for home care.

Popular RejudiCare brand products

The LULU online store catalog contains only original RejudiCare products in Kazakhstan! What products should you pay attention to first?

  • Rejudicare retinol srx max. The gel is a balanced cocktail of natural plant extracts and retinol, which acts as an effective weapon against age-related changes and skin aging. If the soul is still young, then with it it is quite possible to return the former freshness to your skin too!
  • Rejudicare dna youth recovery facial serum. Figuratively speaking, this is a serum from fabulous rejuvenating apples! Don't believe? Try this tool on yourself to get rid of wrinkles and aggressive exposure to sunlight in a short period of time without the skillful hands of a surgeon.

For each product, detailed information about its properties and features is provided. It is really possible to order RejudiCare cosmetics in the LULU online store at a low cost thanks to promotions often held here. Delivery of goods in any volume is carried out in Almaty, in Nur-Sultan, anywhere in Kazakhstan.

Популярные вопросы

Whose brand is RejudiCare?
RejudiCare is a Canadian cosmeceutical brand that is part of the large pharmaceutical company RGRPharma.
How to apply RejudiCare serum?
Serum should be applied to dry skin after washing with gel / foam and applying tonic. With light pressing touches, the product should be distributed over the skin of the face. Once the serum is absorbed, cream and/or sunscreen can be applied.