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Bella Aura Cosmetics

Bella Aura – a unique cosmetic brand whose products meet high quality standards. By choosing it, you can count on luxury, individual approach and guaranteed results. Luxury does not mean the format of positioning, but the sensations that arise during their use. Everything is perfect in Bella Aura Skincare – recognizable bright design, innovative raw material composition, airy texture, light unobtrusive aroma. This is what turns the brand's face care cosmetics into a whole system, a philosophical approach.

Bella Aura does not only focus on marketing during her work, she does not lead an endless blind hunt for endless trends. Experts focus on the skin of clients, its condition and needs. Beauty, from their point of view, is not manifested in the complete absence of flaws. The task of the creators of cosmetic products – providing every woman with the tools to improve the base that nature has given. And Bella Aura Hydra Revive Treatment , other popular products do the job just fine.

Bella Aura Brand Features

Want to know more about the brand? Interesting information on the topic is presented below. Also in the catalog of our store you can buy original Bella Aura cosmetics with delivery in Kazakhstan. The catalog contains current prices.

Bella Aura – a brand that produces unique, high quality products with maximum efficiency. He was able to combine centuries-old traditions, exclusive, highly active ingredients and cutting-edge manufacturing approaches in one bottle. Representatives of the company are sure that nature – the main innovator of our time. It is enough to understand this and know how to correctly use its achievements.

Bella Aura Skincare – exclusive care system, brand development. It includes highly specialized products and more versatile, basic beauty products. The effectiveness of the application of formulas is based on a reliable foundation, their action, aimed at solving protective, restorative, and preventive tasks. Bella Aura Rapid Repair and other popular products effectively fight inflammation, dryness, and oxidation. Care minimizes the influence of these factors, heals the epidermis at the cell level.

Bella Aura – multitasking cosmetics. You can reduce the number of usual jars and bottles on the shelf in the bathroom without compromising the result. Bella Aura country manufacturer – Switzerland. And that explains a lot.

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TOP products of the brand:

All cosmetics – it is guaranteed efficiency and ideal composition. The brand's products belong to the premium category and have a corresponding price.

We offer to order original products at an honest cost with delivery to Nur-Sultan, Almaty and other cities.

Популярные вопросы

For whom was Bella Aura cosmetics created?
This brand creates multifunctional beauty products that solve a whole range of skin care tasks. The formulas include only natural ingredients. In the assortment of the brand you can find products for any age.
Who is Bella Aura cosmetics suitable for?
The products of this brand are ideal for anyone who prefers natural cosmetics that work comprehensively with the skin: eliminates dehydration, fights inflammation and neutralizes the effects of free radicals.



It is very difficult to hide your age if there are wrinkles on the face, not a beautiful complexion and oily skin. But when I bought the Bella Aura Hydra Revive Treatment face cream and applied it on my face, I felt its specific smell - a mixture of natural herbal smells, without any synthetic fragrances. And now every morning after cleansing, I apply the cream and feel that my skin is breathing, it is hydrated and there is no oily layer.


Bella Aura one love I take the second time I did not regret it!


Excellent serum, I took in addition to Bella Aura Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir. Feels great on the skin, not greasy, does not cause burning. I use in the morning and in the evening. The skin has ceased to be shiny, nourished, soft, inflammation and peeling have ceased to occur. The complexion became more even. Previously, I could not apply SPF after leaving, because there was a feeling of discomfort and a “layer cake”, there is no such thing with this product, it fit perfectly. The only negative is that I don’t really like the smell, but the advantages of using it outweigh it, especially since it is absorbed instantly.


I try to limit the use of acids in my skin care, so I decided to try this cream. At first I was very worried that rashes might appear in the morning, fortunately, this did not happen. The cream has a very light texture (I would even say that it is more of a fluid or serum), it is quickly absorbed, you wake up in the morning with radiant and “rested” skin, the cream perfectly fights irritations and post-acne spots. I use this cream in the evening care, in the morning I use the BELLA AURA RAPID REPAIR CLARIFYING ELIXIR serum. Together, both products work great.