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Cosmetics Dr.Jart+

This is one of the most popular and demanded Korean brands in Kazakhstan. Many girls in the beauty arsenal have at least one product from Dr Jart - an alginate or tissue mask or BB cream - products that have become real hits of the brand.

Consumer love for Dr Jart products is easy to explain. Cosmetics are highly effective in solving both aesthetic problems such as skin dehydration or early wrinkles, and dermatological problems such as acne. The formula of each Dr. Jart is a combination of proven ingredients, the result of scientific research and years of development.

You can buy original brand products in Kazakhstan on the LULU website by placing an order with delivery anywhere in the country in just a couple of clicks. 

Dr.Jart+ Brand Features

The philosophy and values of this brand are based on the desire to combine an evidence-based scientific approach to the creation of cosmetic products with a creative vision of beauty. Formulas and innovative formulations are developed by a team of experts, undergo rigorous research, dermatological testing and continuous improvement.

Dr Jart cosmetics are aimed both at an instant solution to common aesthetic problems (for example, alginate and tissue masks), and at long-term and comprehensive skin improvement. 

The brand's products are multitasking, each tool works in several directions at once. For example, Cicapair Sleepair is a popular night mask by Dr Jart, which at the same time intensively restores damaged skin, fights inflammation, soothes, and provides antioxidant protection. 

If you want to create a care system with brand products, start with cleansers and tones. Properly selected Dr Jart “washer” and toner will become the foundation for the effectiveness of all care. Also, regardless of your beauty routine, brand masks will become relevant in care. 

On the LULU website you can get advice and order Dr Jart products: Almaty - delivery is carried out within 1 day, to other settlements of Kazakhstan - 4-8 days. 

Popular Dr.Jart+ brand products

  • It is this brand that owns the championship in the creation of BB creams. And the brand continues to delight consumers with amazing products in this category. For skin in need of hydration and rejuvenation, BB Cream Dr Jart Silver Label is perfect, and for mature skin that needs additional nourishment, Nourishing Black Label BB Cream is perfect . 
  • Products of the Cicapair series are very popular - products with Centella, effective in the care of problematic, inflamed skin. A convenient and profitable option for getting to know the Dr Jart Cicapair line is a set of miniatures. We also recommend that you pay attention to the day cream with SPF 30 and powerful regenerating properties - Dr Jart Cicapair Recover.
  • If you are looking for care for damaged, irritated skin, pay attention to products with ceramides to restore the epidermal skin barrier - Ceramidin. The line includes face products, for example, Dr Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm, for hands - Ceramidin Hand Cream; for lips - Ceramidin Lipair

Популярные вопросы

Where can I buy Dr JART+?
Original Dr JART+ cosmetics are presented on the LULU website. You can order products of this and many other brands from our range with free delivery anywhere in Kazakhstan.
How to use the DR JART+ Porecting Solution mask?
Use the mask exclusively on cleansed and toned dry skin. Take out the mask, remove the protective film and apply the mask tightly to the face. After a short time, oxygen bubbles will begin to form on the surface, cleaning the pores. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes. Do not rinse off the remaining substance, but absorb it into the skin with patting movements.