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Cosmetics Banila Co

Banila Co products are cosmetics of a Korean brand that quickly gained popularity all over the world. The name of the company is associated with the wonderful aroma of vanilla and attracts the attention of girls. A distinctive feature of cosmetics is the stylization of the glittering fashion trends of the 20-30s. The retro style is complemented by a bright design, and the Banila Co slogan calls for “live bright and stylish”. Banilla Co. offers skin care and decorative cosmetics, which are of a high level of quality. In addition, all products have a beneficial and healing effect on the skin.

Bestseller - Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original, which you can buy in our online store with delivery throughout Kazakhstan. The line of cleansing hydrophilic products is well-deservedly popular and in high demand:

Each of them is distinguished by excellent quality and high efficiency of skin cleansing.

Features of the brand Banila Ko

Cosmetics Banila Co - Korean in origin. All products of this brand are united by a delicate and airy texture. Means gently fall on the skin and make it silky. Cleansing sherbet (balm) is able to dissolve even very resistant make-up. Once makeup and impurities are removed, the skin remains hydrated without dryness. Among the girls of South Korea, this product occupies a leading position among the means for washing and removing decorative cosmetics.

Buying Banila Co will be useful for those who appreciate the environmental friendliness and quality of cosmetics. The natural components that make up its composition have a healing and nourishing effect. 

Popular Banila Co brand products

Balm Banila Co Cleansing Balm Purifying Clean It Zero for make-up removal is in stable and well-deserved demand. Its texture resembles a delicate cream, while perfectly cleansing the pores. Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Vita Pumpkin perfectly dissolves even waterproof mascara, foundation, impurities and primers. At the same time, the skin is mattified and pleasantly moisturized. When water is added, Banila Co Sherbet Balm turns into an oil, and after that it becomes gentle, like a cleansing milk.

In addition to the wonderful cleansing balm Banila Co Cleansing Balm, other products of this brand are known and popular:

  • Lip care products - serums, essences, creams Miss Flower & Mr Honey.
  • A series of moisturizing products, which includes creams, toners, Dear Hydration pads.
  • Effective scrubs, exfoliating foams and essences, which included AHA acids - Hi Bye Vita-Peel,
  • Hi Bye Clean Up Cleansing Toner, Essence & Foams,
  • Anti-aging series of face and eye cream, serum and VV Vitalizing toner,
  • Spot soothing agents (primer and oil) Hi Bye Soothing,
  • Effective skin-lightening creams and masks from White Wedding.

What else distinguishes Banila Co cosmetics in the beauty products market:

  • High standards of environmental friendliness and quality,
  • Harmony of classic natural ingredients with innovative ingredients,
  • Styling of each product in accordance with the retro fashion of the 20-30s,
  • Affordable cost.

Also, the Banilla Ko brand offers to order decorative cosmetics - CC cream, primers of various consistency, amazingly shimmering shadows, eyebrow pencil. The price is indicated on the website, we deliver to Almaty, Nur-sultan and other cities.