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ТАЙGER Siberian fir cell juice

Taiga’s evergreen trees have accumulated the healing power of nature itself for centuries, so the cellular juice of fir is rich in biologically active substances useful for the human body.

✓ The cell juice of Siberian TAIGER fir contains several nutrients: ascorbic acid, pyridoxin (B6), carotene, flavanoids, chlorophyll, phenolic acids and a large amount of macro- and microelements. However, its most valuable ingredient is the iron-maltol complex. Maltol is a natural antioxidant struggling with free radicals and a powerful chelating agent with more free bonds. With these connections, it literally "collects" iron and carries it into the small intestine, where iron is easily absorbed by the body.
✓ Cellular juice of a fir Siberian is (CoQ10) - the unique means combining polyprenol and ubiquinone. Polyprenols have regeneration stimulating, membrane-protective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Also, polyprenols can protect and restore liver cells, improve their function to neutralize toxins. Cell juice with polyprenols has a protective effect on nerve cells in blood circulation failure in the brain and intoxication. In turn, CoQ10 will charge your mitochondria and thereby regenerate the energy in your cells
✓ Cellular juice of Siberian fir with Rhodiola extract. The combination of fir extracts and wild Altai Rhodiola extract contributes to the regulation of the nervous system. Salidroside, contained in Rhodiola, has a neuroprotective effect, reduces anxiety in both chronic and acute stressful conditions.
✓ Cellular juice of Siberian fir with Reishi extract is a powerful restoring product for beauty and health. Reishi contains germanium - a rare trace element that has an interferonogens, which can increase resistance to viruses and give a powerful immune response. Reishi mushroom is also rich in triterpenes and glycosides - anti-inflammatory agents that contribute to the restoration and maintenance of the normal regenerative cycle of tissues.