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Please welcome brilliant marketing and brilliant product!

PSA (Purposeful Skincare by Allies).

Clarity is important, and we’re not just talking about clear skin. PSA is all about transparency, inside and out, and your glow goals can only be as good as the ingredients you use to achieve them. Clean beauty is important — by which we mean, no harmful or potentially irritating additives in any of PSA formulas.

That’s why you won’t find any of these common triggers and irritants in our products. 

We all were teenagers, and we know that this period when a person is most vulnerable is first love, self-doubt and complexes, hypertrophied fears of the world and their future. PSA showed that there are different types of teenagers, in each of them we will recognize ourselves, our younger sister or our child. For example, there is a girl “Heroine” - the one that is a little knocked out of standards and norms, may suffer from acne but still lives like a real Heroine every day!
Every company has a “Light Up” boy! He is always full of ideas and warmth to share with relatives and friends.
There is always a favourite one that everyone wants to be like him/her. After all, he is considered “The Most”!
The brand came up with a means for every teenager and each of their goals. Inline, there is even a tool called “Goals”.
PSA says "YES": superfood, peptides, vitamins (B, C, E), retinol, acids, antioxidants, smart moisturizing components.
And doubtless “NO” to silicones, sulfates, ethyl alcohol, mineral oils, chemical filters, synthetic dyes/perfumes, essential oils and other potentially dangerous and irritating skin components.
Just like Allies of Skin, PSA are fully committed to sustainability. PSA is cruelty-free and PETA certified. That means absolutely no testing on animals; unless you count smart humans like you. All your PSA empties are fully recyclable.
A life-hack for parents of teenagers - the formulas of PSA products are so universal and perfect that we boldly allow you to steal something from your child’s bag for yourself! Do you want to use the same PSA items with your children? You are welcome!