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Skin pigmentation: causes and treatment

Hyperpigmentation is the uneven distribution of melanin that causes changes to the colour of the skin.
Changes in the skin colour caused by malfunction, consequently skin cells begin to produce more melanin than usual.
1. Excessive UV exposure. Ultraviolet irritates melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for the production of melanin. Brown spots are frequent for tanning fans.
2. Skin injuries and sunburn.
3. Hormonal changes. Hormones regulate the production of melanin. The hormonal level can be changed in the result of pregnancy, birth control pills, some endocrine diseases.
4. Additionally, dark spots can tell about the function of the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract.
5. Age. The skin erodes over the years and melanocyte cells, at some of its parts melanocyte ends up at the surface. This is how age spots arise.

If pigmentation caused by dysfunction of the organs, the treatment is needed. Otherwise, the treatment won't be effective.
All methods traumatize the skin. Therefore, we recommend to use SPF 50 sunscreen or avoid the sun.
1. Make the skin denser
2. Whitening creams and ointments
3. Whitening masks
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