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Lifestyle after 40

After 40, a woman considers longevity as a project and here it comes to magic!
Magic is not about finding a new cream or increasing the number of beauty items.
Skincare should be based on daily skin needs: daytime care should include antistress, protection against free radicals and environmental impurities, like products with vitamin C, SPF and toxins, and neutralizing creams. Nighttime care should be all about exfoliation and skin renewal (retinol, copper tripeptide), focusing on purification must be a ceremony!

The magic is here.

In case if our clients can't afford to get skincare products we have a free option. It's sleep before 11 pm.
Nothing is better than quality sleep. The best skin care habit is sleeping. It's wonderful if you go to bed before 11 pm, on top of that turning of electronic devices, and wearing blue light glasses would turn you into a complete biohacker.

Air your bedroom for longer, I bet you'll feel the difference right away. Moreover, using a humidifier during the heating season will hydrate your skin.

Next is water! We 're for living water, for natural springs. We always check deuterium content! Russia is very lucky about this. After all, there is one of the best sources of light natural water - Lake Baikal (there are only 4!).

The third simple magical influence on antiaging has yoga! Have you ever seen ungroomed or unhealthy yogi? I bet, the yogi would look the best among the 50 years old.
It's because yoga develops the body, and also the spirit, and spirit improves will and purpose. With yoga, neurogenesis (the growth of neural connections) continues, and we can always gain new skills and expand the boundaries of mental capabilities. The brain is beautiful by the speed of reactions, and clarity of thoughts.