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Skincare routine 40+

At 40, you unwittingly begin to believe in conspiracy theory, at 40 gravity works against you alone. Morpheus does not accept in his arms, and the sweet on the contrary does not let go. Everything that worked before suddenly stops.

Under this load of 40 girls run to Botox and threads, or like us, look for new meanings in forgotten things. The main thing to mention is making sure you don't buy every single item, it's not about quantity, it's about quality!

It will be more than enough to have 3 products.

1. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It fights ageing effectively: free radicals, raise skin immunity and give it a glow.

2. Anti-pollution cream is a cream that moisturizes the skin and protects from external pollutants, heavy metals and exhaust gases.

3. Acid/retinol. Exfoliation (leaking of the cornea dead layer) gives radiance and renewal of the skin. When there are acids, you need to monitor the skin barrier or the integrity of its hydrolipid layer. His loss is fraught with dehydration and sensitivity.

These three products and you've stopped the time!