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Skincare routine 30+

"30" is the age when you need to put some efforts to look good. The rhythm of life becomes way more intense, and you have to keep the balance between career, personal life, friends, and have to deal with your first wrinkles.

Basic skincare is always the same:

In the morning, treat the skin with antioxidants: serum with Vitamin C, E, Glutathione, Dysmutase Superoxide, etc. Remember about the protection of the skin from the sun. Don't ignore SPF, the best anti-ageing product at any age!

"30" is the age when it makes sense to diversify evening skincare with a stronger anti-ageing property.
You can start with peptides. Peptides are amino acids that are "building proteins" of living organisms. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, make the skin denser, more resilient and smoothen the wrinkles.

"35" is the age when you can add retinol to your skincare routine.
Retinoids (Vitamin A) is the gold standard of anti-age approved by the American FDA. Retinoids improve collagen formation, renew the epidermis, stimulate the formation of new cells, treat pigmentation, smooth wrinkles and normalize the functioning of sebaceous glands.
Nevertheless, the use of external retinol has nuances such as dryness, skin irritation and even pigmentation if the skin is not protected. Thus, talk to our consultants before choosing retinol products. Retinoids must not be used during pregnancy, lactation, and by women planning to have a baby.