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City Stress

Living in a metropolis puts your skin to constant stress; polluted air, smog, UV radiation, monitors' blue light, no fresh air in offices, wild Friday parties. All these harms the skin.

If nighttime skincare focuses on specific problems, daytime skincare should be preventive and protect the skin during the day.

We never get tired to remind the importance of SPF protection! The sun is the main enemy of the skin. If you use SPF every day, no matter it's raining or snowing, your skin will be grateful because UV radiation won't destroy your collagen and elastin.

All those harmful external factors described above expose the body and skin to oxidative stress, free radicals attack and destroy healthy cells.
Antioxidants are needed to neutralize the oxidation process, Vitamin C and E, Glutathione, Astaxanthin, Dismutase Superoxide. Thus, it's important to use a serum or an antioxidant mist as part of the morning routine.

At night we suggest a two-stage cleansing: hydrophilic balm/oil to cleanse the skin of fat-soluble impurities (makeup, sebum) following the principle of “fight fire with fire”. The second stage involves the cleansing of water-soluble contaminants with foam/washing gel. Once nighttime cleansing is over, apply active serums, aimed to solve certain problems (acne/ageing/pigmentation, etc.) and night masks, to reanimate your skin by morning.