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What do people think of at their 20s?

Our generation is no longer chasing brands and gossip about stars. We don't dream of a huge villa in the Caribbean, etc. We study, work, and hang out with friends to have fun. We try to keep up with the latest trends to discuss it with our friends.

Generation Z has to worry about their health more than other generations. They were born in an era of exhaust fumes artificial products and heavy metals around.

"Biohacking" is our redemption. Biohacking is a systematic approach to human biology, improving the body and mind in all areas of life.
What do you need to do to stay young and full of energy?

What you eat in your 20s affects the way you will look at 40s. Self-care is not only about skin tonics and serums. Try not to skip breakfast; try not to consume chocolate and sweet drinks. Eat healthy fats (fish, eggs, linseed oil, pumpkin seeds). And avoid the consumption of coke.

The significance of sleep is not as overrated as everyone thinks. Always have a good rest at night. Remember that sleep is more important than another chapter of a book or a new episode of your favourite show. Usually, sleep is not our priority. I would tell that deep sleep is more powerful than the duration of sleep.

Exercise ⠀
The benefits of sport discussed a lot. The main advantage of sport is that it allows having cheat-meals.
Hence, if you ran 15 km and did 100 squats, you can eat a cake at a birthday party or have a croissant for breakfast.


Our reaction and thinking abilities change when we consume alcohol.
The problem is that over the years alcohol consumption and anger will affect us. Therefore, to stay in good shape physically and mentally, we should detoxify BEFORE and AFTER partying. We can use zoster, rosemary, or succinic acids for this purpose.

The frantic rhythm of the city, everyday fuss and daily experiences inevitably lead to stress and fatigue. Fatigue is accompanied by a feeling of such exhaustion that a person is not capable of work and even entertainment. Sleep problems, unclear pains, dizziness, memory disorders exacerbate this stress. The unfortunate thing is that this is common among young careers. The consequences of such stress have a severe impact on health. Do not overestimate your strength, load yourself even at a young age. If you are tired, have a rest.

Generation Z is completely different. The influence of ecology, trends and other factors is growing exponentially. Therefore, we try to introduce biohacking and develop in all areas of life. "Long life learning" is the new trend of generation Z. We must keep up to this! To worry less about health at 50, we take care of the body little by little from now on. Never forget our motto: "Keep calm, you are young"!