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On June 6, Lulu Nur-Sultan hosted a neurography workshop with an instructor, an intern at the Piskaryov Institute of Psychology and Creativity, Aigerim.

Aigerim shared information on the methodological foundations of neurography, neurography lines, and introduced NeuroLotos algorithm. As Aigerim noted, everyone can draw, and it's cruel that relying on the algorithm, people can break the internal limitations that were holding you back. The meeting turned out to be informative, filled us with energy and discharged the neuropsychiatric tension accumulated over the working week.
Try to practice at home and immerse yourself in the graphic method of transforming consciousness. No need to come up with a picture in advance - it is born in the process.

Thanks to every participant in the workshop! It was a pleasure having you! Your LULU!

BODY PSYCHOTHERAPY in Nur-Sultan (Astana)
On May 31, in Astana, together with the Woman Space club, we held a body practice event!

Body practices are techniques and exercises aimed at harmonizing your psyche with the help of the body, thanks to which you can be in emotional, physical and energy balance. We got energized and filled with harmony for the whole coming week! Our gratitude to Asiya! Also, LULU girls conducted a small workshop on the basics of skincare and answered all related questions.

It was a pleasure to meet the first day of summer with all of you! Thanks for sharing your energy and openness with us! 

On December 7, 2019, the long-awaited opening of LULU in Moscow took place.

LULU is a space where beauty, health and intelligence are creating the concept of smart beauty.

We are looking for and testing only the best products for skin care.
Our philosophy is to carefully select care products based on your lifestyle, health, stress and nutrition.

We decided to open our next store in the heart of Moscow - on Patriarchal Ponds.

Space has several zones:

1. Consulting zone. On the shelves of our store are products of the best innovative brands like Allies of Skin, iS Clinical, Bella Aura, RejudiCare, etc.
2. Haircare zone, where hair experts work on the safest and most organic products from the brands such as Authentic Beauty Concept, Napura, Tokio Inkarami, etc. In addition to hair care procedures, you can cut, style your hair.