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Uteki cosmetics

UTEKI – cosmetic brand owned by the international organization Nanocosmetech Inc. The Japanese brand in 2019 decided to focus on simplifying home care and at the same time increasing its effectiveness. This is how a new company appeared, the concept of which is based on the principles of reasonable consumption and minimalism. Uteki Eye Cream persons solve the tasks and have an economical expense.

Uteki cosmetics belongs to a new generation of multifunctional products that meet the requirements of residents of big cities. The composition includes natural highly effective ingredients, advanced technologies are involved in the production process. Due to this Uteki Cleanser and care products for the face, eyes make the skin healthy, beautiful, effectively protect it from external factors.

Uteki Brand Features

I've been wanting to buy Uteki cosmetics for a long time, do you want to know more about the brand? Then we invite you to read. By the way, in our store you can order products at the best price, with fast delivery in Kazakhstan.

Leaks of face wash, face cream or skin around the eyes – cosmetics with a truly Japanese soul. In fact, we are talking about the symbiosis of traditional Japan with its love for nature, peculiar rituals and modern urbanism with new technologies, minimalism, and simplicity. It turned out to be a very unusual combination.

Brand creators set themselves the following goals:

  • To develop quality products for customers who respect tradition and are interested in cutting-edge technology.
  • To offer something really worthwhile to connoisseurs of effective care.
  • Be in trend, constantly improve and refine products.
  • Bet not only on the material, but also on emotions, impressions.

Cleanser Face and Eyes and other UTEKI products are very popular with everyone who chooses minimalism and strives to get rid of the superfluous. What's the secret? In the high efficiency of the formulas, the unique combination of active ingredients and the ability to replace a huge set of familiar cosmetics with several products. Naturally, without compromising the result.

The line contains only 5 products for the beauty and health of your skin:

  • Eye Cream – universal eye cream against signs of aging.
  • CLEANSER – mild cleanser.
  • LOTION– moisturizing lotion and low concentration serum.
  • EMULSION – product category «day-night» with a light moisturizing texture. Suitable as a base for make-up.
  • SERUM – serum with a high concentration of active ingredients, has a wide spectrum of action.

Main ingredients – Chinese camellia, sakura, rice filtrate, freshwater algae, soluble collagen.

Popular Uteki brand products

Japanese cosmetics Uteki is represented by such popular products:

There are no other products in the line. The manufacturer relied on minimizing the set of cosmetics while maintaining consistently high care results. That is, you maintain the skin in a healthy, well-groomed form and do not buy a huge list of products. Five products will be enough for all tasks.

You can order original cosmetics from Japan at a loyal cost with delivery in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, and other cities. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help!

Популярные вопросы

Who is Uteki cosmetics suitable for?
Uteki brand products will suit everyone who strives for minimalism in care and conscious consumption, and at the same time is not ready to sacrifice the effectiveness of cosmetics. The brand's products will be especially appreciated by residents of megacities, whose skin is subjected to constant stress.
Uteki where to buy?
You can buy original products of the Japanese brand Uteki on the website https://luluskinstore.com Delivery is carried out throughout Kazakhstan, as well as abroad.