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Augustinus Bader cosmetics

Augustinus Bader – founder of the eponymous brand. Augustinus Bader cosmetics are known worldwide for their unique composition and maximum effectiveness – unlike many competitors, it really works, and even better than you could imagine. Formula Creator – professor, scientist who has been involved in stem cells for over 30 years. He is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Each Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream penetrates deep into the cells and has a pronounced, lasting effect. With constant use of brand cosmetics, signs of aging can be delayed for a long time.

We suggest you order Augustinus Bader lip balm, face or body cream, serum, care emulsion. You can find the full range in the catalogue. Read more about the brand below.

Augustinus Bader Brand Features

Augustin Bader – a biomedical scientist from Germany, a doctor with more than 30 years of research experience. At the moment he is the head of the Department of Cellular Technology, Applied Biology at the University of Leipzig, trains plastic surgeons, dermatologists from around the world.

Bader believes that nature itself programmed the human body for natural recovery processes. With minor damage and during normal functioning of the body, the cells of the epidermis receive signals for active regeneration in a timely manner. But if the environmental conditions are unfavorable, something is wrong with health, the cells become denser and form scar tissue. The task of cellular cosmetics is to transmit the correct signal to the area of ​​injury to level out the failure processes, stimulate the skin for quick, natural regeneration.

The brand Augustinus Bader works with a unique patented complex, its own development TFC8®. The complex includes vitamins, molecules, amino acids. It protects, nourishes the skin, automatically adjusts to the processes in the body of a particular person. The exact composition of TFC8® kept secret.

Cellular cosmetics – general trend of recent years. Research is constantly being conducted in this direction, but the existing developments are sufficient for successful work in the industry. The cost of stem cosmetics is above average, but why not? Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel and other cosmetic products with the unique TFC8® are in high demand among consumers and really allow you to achieve your goals. Agree, interesting to try?

Popular products by Augustinus Bader

Brand products that are sales leaders:

All products have a recognizable design, solid packaging. The cost is above average, but it is quite standard for products in this category.

We – official Augustinus Bader distributor. We set loyal prices, guarantee 100% originality of cosmetics, carry out fast delivery to Almaty, Nur-Sultan and other cities. To buy a product, just make a couple of clicks.

Популярные вопросы

Who created Augustinus Bader cosmetics?
This brand was created by an eminent scientist specializing in stem cell research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The brand's cosmetics are based on the revolutionary TFC8® technology, which allows you to restore the skin, prevent and reduce the signs of aging.
Who is Augustinus Bader cosmetics suitable for?
The brand's products will suit consumers who want to find an effective anti-aging skin care system. With Augustinus Bader you can both significantly delay age-related changes and improve the condition of mature skin.