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Cosmetics Genosys

Genosys, a professional South Korean premium cosmeceutical brand, has managed to become famous and in demand both among cosmetologists and among consumers in Asia, the USA and Europe. Initially, the company specialized in the creation of medical beauty products intended for the microneedling procedure. Over time, it became clear that the formulas of the funds are so powerful that they have a pronounced effect even without the use of needles. And so a new brand appeared, which retained "medical" standards and quality in the production of cosmetics, but adapted its products for comfortable use at home.

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Genosys Brand Features

Today, experts in the field of cosmetology and trichology around the world know about the Genosys brand. The quality, safety and efficacy of the brand's products are confirmed by authoritative international certificates such as FDA, GMP and ISO.

The main secret of the success of Genosys cosmeceuticals is the combination of ingredients in the formulas with proven effectiveness, the absence of harmful and useless components, and pharmaceutical quality standards. In their products, Genosys will combine traditional ingredients for Korean medicine, innovative peptides, as well as plant stem cells.

Korean cosmetics Genosys is presented in a wide range, among which you can find a solution to all key aesthetic problems related to skin and hair:

  • acne treatment
  • Prevention and correction of pigmentation
  • Anti-aging care
  • Fight against post-acne
  • Protection against photoaging
  • Hair Loss Treatment 

Popular Genosys Brand Products

  • A lifesaver for stressed, tired skin - Genosys Revitalizing Hydro Mist. The product enriched with snail mucin, vitamin C instantly saturates the skin with moisture, provides antioxidant protection, accelerates regeneration processes, soothes and gives freshness.
  • A tool that is always relevant in care is a soft two-phase make-up remover Genosys Remover Professional Biphasic. The product will not only eliminate the smallest particles of make-up (including in the area of the eyes and lips), but will also help to heal and maintain skin balance due to peptides and healing plant extracts in the composition.
  • An effective wrinkle corrector from Genosys is an anti-aging serum with anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and lifting effect - Anti Wrinkle Serum. As part of betaglucan, lactobacilli and a powerful complex of plant extracts. 
  • Problem Control Serum - another top-selling Genosys brand - a serum for problem skin, which not only fights acne, but also improves skin texture, tone, regulates sebum secretion, and prevents the appearance of new rashes. 
  • Genosys Multi Vita Radiance Cream is an antioxidant vitamin cream for bright, healthy skin radiance. The cream contains superantioxidant Astaxanthin, 12 vitamins, thanks to which the product not only radically improves the tone, but also significantly slows down the photoaging process. 

Популярные вопросы

Who is Genosys cosmetics suitable for?
The assortment of this professional Korean brand includes cosmetics for all skin types. You can choose a product for any stage of care and for solving almost any problem, from cleansing and UV protection to fighting acne, lightening pigmentation, and restoring after beauty procedures.
What are the most popular Genosys products?
Brand bestsellers: Snow O2 oxygen cleansing facial foam, Intensive Blemish Balm Cream SPF30 mattifying BB cream, Eye Peptide Gel Patch hydrogel patches, HR3 MATRIX Scalp & Hair shampoo to stimulate hair growth and others.