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Cosmetics PHYRIS

The desire for beauty and perfection is inherent in all residents of Kazakhstan. When we talk about beauty, we always emphasize the importance of caring for our appearance. To achieve stable results in cosmetology, you should use only proven and high-quality products. As an ideal example for the removal of keratinized epidermis and dead cells, we recommend Phyris peeling.

Phyris is a professional cosmetics that occupies a leading position in the beauty industry in Germany and other European countries. All products are certified and positioned as pharmaceutical. The use of Phyris in spa salons, medical clinics and professional cosmetology is allowed. The very name of the brand contains the basis of the company's philosophy, which is associated with the use of natural ingredients as part of innovative technologies. At the same time, the creators of cosmetics emphasize the individuality of each client and his needs.

Firis brand features

One of the unique developments of Firis is the concept of three-phase care. It includes not only Phyris cream, but also means for:

  • effective cleansing,
  • professional activation,
  • Individual care.

Dermatologists from Germany suggest using just such a care algorithm, as it allows you to get the maximum effect. Only after thorough skin cleansing and activation is it possible to absorb cosmetic products with the best result.

During the cleansing procedure, the skin is prepared for the following procedures, but this is only the beginning. The professionalism of the beautician is to allow the client to experience certain sensations that bring pleasure. For example, a feeling of freshness will please some women, softness and smoothness - others. Gentle soothing is ideal for highly sensitive skin. It is the unforgettableness of pleasant moments that creates an exquisite aftertaste.

Activation of the regenerative functions of your own epidermis is a powerful tool for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Thanks to special Somas, the active ingredients are transported to the depths of the skin surface. Three types of activation are offered, in which:

  • Thermosomes - moisturize,
  • Sensisoms - soothe irritation,
  • Ultrasomes effectively rejuvenate, activate metabolic processes and regeneration.

The third stage helps to solve individual problems:

  • The Hydroactive product line contains 5 different forms of hyaluronic acid that moisturize and tone the skin.
  • The Sensitive series is designed for especially sensitive skin. It has a mild soothing effect leading to excellent results.
  • Anti-aging care works at the cellular level, creating a lifting effect.

Phyris catalog includes everything you need for professional cosmetology.

Popular PHYRIS brand products

If you want to buy Phyris cosmetics in Kazakhstan at the best price with delivery to Almaty and Nur-Sultan, then pay attention to the set of products, which includes:

The price of cosmetics in the online store is always more profitable than in retail outlets. Ordering Phyris is easy online as each remedy has a detailed description.