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Cosmedix cosmetics

One of the brightest US professional premium brands that proves that consumers don't have to choose between high potency and pure formulas. Cosmedix - cosmetics, in the production of which pharmaceutical standards and advanced developments in various fields of science are used. The brand's products help solve the most complex aesthetic problems without risking skin health, because Cosmedix fundamentally does not include any substances that are potentially dangerous and unhealthy for the skin in its formulas.

If you are interested in Cosmedix cosmetics, the LULU official website is the best choice to order the brand's products and be sure of the originality and favorable cost of the brand's beauty products. In Almaty, the order will be delivered within 1 day, and the parcel will arrive in Nur-Sultan and other settlements of Kazakhstan within 4-8 days.

Features of the Cosmedix brand

  • The brand specializes in innovative chiral cosmeceuticals. What does this mean? Cosmedix formulas include molecules of beneficial substances of the correct chirality - that is, molecules that interact optimally with skin receptors. Thus, it is possible to achieve the most pronounced effect and maintain the high safety of the impact of beauty products. 

  • Chiral cosmeceuticals are better accepted by the skin, while the risk of irritation or allergic reaction is minimized. So, for example, Cosmedix peels, due to their chirally modified components, differ significantly from traditional acid peels. They contain acids in higher concentrations, while being safe and comfortable for home use. 

  • Another distinctive advantage that consumers appreciate is the absolutely luxurious textures, as well as the simplicity and ease of application. You can make your entire skin care routine from the brand's products, or you can integrate one or more products into your skin care routine to get to know the benefits of this brand. A great option is Cosmedix mask, which has become a bestseller - Awaken. This mask will enhance any skin care system!

If you cannot decide which product of the brand to buy, our consultants will always come to the rescue - just write to the chat on the site. 

Popular brand products

  • Exfoliating mask with acids and powerful antioxidants Cosmedix Pure Enzymes gently and effectively cleanses clogged pores, eliminates the layer of dead cells and gives the skin radiance, purity and improves microrelief. Apply the mask twice a week and you will notice how your skin tone and texture will change! 

  • Serum for the skin around the eyes Cosmedix Opti Crystal is a clear favorite among consumers and the choice of beauty experts. An ultra-hydrating anti-aging serum that literally erases signs of fatigue, stress and photodamage to the skin. If you are looking for a remedy to hide dark circles, fine wrinkles, protect the skin from premature aging, be sure to check out this product! 

  • Cosmedix Benefit Clean is an incredibly popular cleansing gel that allows you to remove impurities of all kinds (including particles of persistent makeup) without damaging the protective barrier, providing additional hydration, antioxidant protection and a calming effect. Ideal for daily use!

Популярные вопросы

What is the difference between professional cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics?
Main differences: higher concentrations of active ingredients, scientific base, research, use of ingredients with proven effectiveness, more rigorous approach to the selection of raw materials and to the production process.
What is professional cosmetics?
These are cosmetics intended for use by specialists - cosmetologists / dermatologists in salons and clinics according to the developed protocols. At the same time, professional brands also offer lines for home use. These are cosmetics that are aimed at effectively solving various aesthetic and / or dermatological problems.