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Cosmetics Zenologi

Zenology cosmetics are made in the Netherlands. It belongs to a series of exclusive skin/hair care products. Another direction is a line of aromatic home accessories that creates a refined and luxurious atmosphere. The brand was created by Jeroen Oude Sogtun after taking part in the design of exclusive hotels.

The main advantages of Zenology products:

  • The practicality of each
  • Refinement of fragrances for the home,
  • Excellent hair care results
  • Nutrition and restoration of the skin.

Features of the Zenologi brand

An impeccable range of harmonious aromas, which is inherent in premium-level interiors, has found its embodiment in the aromatization of indoor air. Finely dispersed spray helps to preserve the effect of the use of flavors for a long time. The spray instantly fills the entire space with a slight pressure on the sprayer.

As for Zenology beauty products, they combine highly active herbal ingredients with vitamin components. All formulations are dermatologist approved and safe for health. The composition of cosmetics does not contain parabens, paraffin, artificial dyes and allergens. When using skin care products, you will experience:

  • silky texture,
  • tenderness and softness,
  • effective moisturizing,
  • saturation with vitamins
  • healing with herbal extracts.

Zenology cosmetics, which you can buy in our online store at the best price, includes:

  • shower gel ,
  • Shampoo,
  • zenology body lotion,
  • Zenology soap.

Popular Zenology Brand Products

Each product has a completely unique aroma that helps create a unique lifestyle. All room fragrances are known for their high quality raw materials and eye-catching designs. Such products transform the surrounding space, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Cosmetic products include:

  • Shower gels that stimulate blood circulation, vitaminize and restore the skin. Aloe vera has an antiseptic effect, and the gel itself has a delicate texture.
  • Zenology Shampoo, which can be ordered with delivery in Kazakhstan, is distinguished by the content of useful ingredients, vitamins, and plant extracts. It effectively nourishes each hair, giving the hair a healthy shine, volume and silkiness.
  • Hair conditioners deliver the necessary nutritional compounds, healing and strengthening the strands. The developers of the recipe added the necessary vitamins and minerals to the composition.
  • Moisturizing hand and body balms come in a variety of scents, including floral and citrus. When using these products, the skin receives a sufficient amount of nutrition and hydration. The composition contains jojoba oil, vitamins A + C + E, hyaluronic acid, black tea extracts.
  • Liquid soap has an expressive aroma of sunny mandarin with notes of green tea. The complex of vitamins in its composition helps to maintain moisture, eliminating pollution.

You can order and buy them at a bargain price with delivery to Almaty and Nur-Sultan.