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Iles Formula cosmetics

Passion for excellence in work and high expertise in the hair industry have made Wendy Iles one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the world. Wendy has worked with top stars and celebrities, and is constantly looking for ways to maintain the health of hair that is constantly exposed to stress (heat styling, coloring, etc.). Professional secrets developed over 10 years, Wendy embodied in the formulas of beauty products Iles Formula for hair. This is a unique care system that involves a phased, three-step effect that guarantees a luxurious look and healing of damaged hair. 

Today, this premium cosmetics is available not only in the USA - in the homeland of the brand. On the LULU website, you can buy original Iles Formula products in Kazakhstan at a bargain price and with free delivery. Cosmetics can be purchased not only in large cities such as Almaty or Nur-Sultan, but also in any corner of Kazakhstan.

Features of the Iles Formula brand

  • Minimum effort, maximum result - with the means of the Iles Formula brand, this principle becomes a reality. Just three products are enough for you to always enjoy the luxurious look of your hair. Three essential care steps from Iles Formula: Shampoo (cleansing, complex improvement of hair texture), Conditioner (smoothing, restoration and shine) and Finishing Serum (protection and transformation). 
  • The creator of the brand is sure that there are no compromises in hair care. Therefore, in its highly effective formulas, it combines only the highest quality and beneficial components for hair, such as plant root juices, vitamin B5, pantothenic acid.
  • The products are suitable for women's and men's hair of all types. This is a truly universal system that combines restoration, healing and transformation.
  • For Iles Formula products, the price depends on the volume, while they have a fairly economical consumption. In the LULU online store, we guarantee favorable prices and 100% originality of all products!

Popular products of the Iles Formula brand

We recommend that you definitely get acquainted with such products as:

  • Iles Formula Curl Revive - give your wavy and curly hair expressiveness, shine and softness! This amazing spray will reliably protect the strands from traumatization due to thermal exposure and prevent damage and color loss caused by ultraviolet light, as well as help maintain the styling in high humidity.
  • Iles Formula Conditioner is the key ingredient in the brand's famous 3-step care system. The product instantly eliminates tangles, smoothes the surface of each hair and gives a satin shine to the strands. Promotes hair restoration even with severely damaged structure.
  • Iles Formula Finishing Serum is a product that can provide hair with reliable protection from a whole range of external factors (high temperatures, UV rays, high moisture), help maintain a healthy structure and rich color. Serum is the perfect completion of your hair care!

Популярные вопросы

What is Iles Formula Hair Serum for?
The popular Finishing Serum is a final hair care product. It protects immediately from 4 negative external factors: ultraviolet radiation, humidity, thermal exposure and oxidative stress, and also “solders” the ends of the hair, strengthens and prevents the loss of color brightness.
Who is Iles Formula cosmetics suitable for?
Iles Formula hair products can be called universal. They meet the needs of both women's and men's hair and provide a comprehensive regenerating and healing effect.