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Paula's Choice Cosmetics

Cosmetics Paula Choice is represented by a wide range of premium products. Brand Founder – Paula Begun, recognized in America as an expert in the production of cosmetic products. The motto of the owner of the largest brand of beauty products – "To be on guard of your beauty." And the brand is often said to be a real "cosmetic cop".

The cost of Paula's Choice Makeup in Kazakhstan in our store is the lowest possible. You can buy any product in a couple of clicks and receive it with delivery in a convenient way. Payment options are also flexible. We offer to order only original, high-quality goods. Paula's Choice official website – the only way to purchase a genuine brand with a guarantee.

Paula's Choice Brand Features

Cosmetics of Paula's Choice Cleanser and other lines contain high-quality, safe raw materials that have passed all the necessary tests and tests. Brand experts regularly update the catalog with new products, provide customers with a wide range of relevant and interesting information on skin care. Our online store maintains the image of the brand and guarantees the maximum quality of all products. We know what you expect from the Paula's Choice brand, we are ready to offer it.

Features of cosmetic products:

  • A large assortment of items. The brand does not have blind confidence that its products are suitable for absolutely everyone. Accordingly, he sells a wide range of products, offers probes.

  • 100% active compound. Unlike most other beauty products, Paula's Choice products contain only natural, highly effective ingredients. No useless fillers and other incomprehensible components.

  • Democratic prices. Despite all the benefits, Exfoliate Paula's Choice cosmetics remain affordable for most buyers. Its price is justified to the penny and is the best investment in your appearance.

  • The absence of fragrances in the composition. For allergy sufferers, the choice of cosmetic products will be an ideal option. Yes, at first the aroma of fragrance-free skin care products may seem strange, but you quickly get used to it. But you get 100% security.

  • Convenient packaging. Azelaic Acid Booster and other Paula's Choice products are sold in closed jars with dispensers, practical tubes. This ensures ease of use and guarantees the stability of the composition. From a hygiene point of view, tubes and dispensers are also ideal.

Popular products by Paula's Choice

Most Popular Floor Runner Products:

  • Barrier repair moisturizer with retinol. Anti-aging cream with high SPF.

  • Paula's Choice BHA. Acid care for different skin types. Suitable for the prevention of age-related changes and the elimination of wrinkles, pigmentation.

  • Paula's Choice Azelaic Acid. Ideal for problematic skin.

  • Skin Recovery Enriched. Paula's Choice soothing toner for dry, sensitive skin, de-flaking and hydrating.

  • Resist Skin. Anti-aging lotion with AHA acids that triggers active regeneration processes.

Prices are indicated in the catalog and are current. Through our website you can order products with delivery to Almaty, Nur-Sultan and other cities. In addition to the products mentioned above, there are all other popular products for young or aging skin, all types of epidermis. See product cards for detailed descriptions. Those items that are in stock will be sent to you immediately.

Популярные вопросы

Paula's Choice Exfoliant 8 AHA gel how to use?
When you first introduce the gel into your routine, use it every other day and then gradually move to daily product use (1-2 times a day depending on skin needs). Apply to clean, toned dry skin; in the daytime, be sure to use sunscreen in your care.
Paula's Choice where to buy?
You can buy branded products in the LULU online store. We have original Paula's Choice cosmetics at a bargain price and with up-to-date expiration dates. Delivery is possible throughout Kazakhstan.