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The beauty of our body and face — it is a category that does not exist on its own. It cannot be said that it is enough to use a good cream, high-quality serum and proven peeling — and you will get the perfect skin look. Without health, which is the basis of beauty, nothing will happen. That's why buy Tiger — this is the right solution for those who want to maintain the general condition of the body.

Special products — dietary supplements — which are aimed at improving immunity and all processes in our body. And now you don't even have to look for the official website of Tiger — We have all the necessary solutions! Here you can order dietary supplements with delivery in Kazakhstan (to Nur-Sultan, Almaty, etc.), as well as to neighboring countries.

We have all the most popular compositions of the brand — for example, Tiger 93 and other mixes (12, 55), as well as fir cell juice with various additives and at a good price.

ТАЙGER brand features

These supplements embody a unique approach to maintaining beauty and health. Formulas work at a very deep level. For example, Tayger mix 55 does the following:

  • improves memory and attention;
  • helps you perceive reality more clearly;
  • reduces the intensity of various types of inflammation throughout the body;
  • supports the functioning of the heart and nervous system;
  • increases the concentration of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin — namely, their imbalance can lead to depression.

The connection of beauty with all these moments is not obvious to all people, but it is as direct as possible. Surely you have heard more than once that people who lived a good life, were a little nervous and endured a minimum of stress, keep their youth. So these are the tools that help reduce stress to a minimum — both physical and psychological.

Another interesting product to cite as an example is — Tayger mix 12. His tasks are somewhat different (but in some places they overlap with the previous composition):

  • correction and control of appetite;
  • Improve the ability of tissues to regenerate;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • general increase in immunity;
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • cardiovascular support;
  • strengthening the body's resistance against any negative factors.

Please note that each product of this brand has its own application features. Something must be diluted in water before ingestion, something — use in the form of drops, etc. Read the instructions carefully to achieve the desired result.

ТАЙGER Popular Products

All the products you can buy on this page are in demand. Since they are very different, everyone will find here something suitable for themselves. Be sure to take a look at these positions:

  • Tayger — fir cell juice with blackberry extract. The tool supports the circulatory system well, calms the nerves, gives energy and saturates the body with vitamins.
  • MCT Tiger oil with polyprenols. This oil has a beneficial effect on cognitive functions, bowel function and other organs of our body.
  • Reishi Tiger extract. The product is based on fir cell juice, but due to Reishi, its capabilities are greatly expanded. This is a great option not only to maintain immunity, but also for the beauty of the skin, hair, nails.
  • Tayger Omega 3. This brand's polyunsaturated fatty acid complex comes in easy-to-use capsules.

Brand TAIGER — this is a prime example of how adequate cost is combined with maximum efficiency and health care. If you are not yet familiar with these supplements, be sure to try — very soon you will notice a result that you could not even dream of.

Популярные вопросы

What are the benefits of dietary supplements TIGER?
TAIGER dietary supplements, correctly selected by a specialist in accordance with the needs of the body, allow solving a wide range of problems: correct imbalances of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enhance immune properties, slow down the aging process, control appetite, improve the functioning of body systems.
How long can I take TIGER dietary supplements?
This is determined individually according to the results of laboratory tests. Certain dietary supplements can be taken on an ongoing basis, for example, if it is impossible to provide a complete diet, other dietary supplements are used exclusively in courses.