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Skincleanse 150 ml facial cleanser

Cleansing is the first step in daily skin care. Rejudicare skincleanse with a gel-like consistency gently cleanses the skin of impurities, relieves pores of excess sebum. Rejudicare Cleansing Gel contains natural ingredients and is suitable for different
24 000 KZT
Skinclean helps to gently cleanse normal, dry or sensitive skin from sweat, sebum, dust and dirt. It is these elements that clog pores, which causes acne, inflammation, irritation. Also, the tool is suitable for the epidermis prone to rosacea. Already at the cleansing stage, a soft product with a jelly texture is able to get rid of shine and remove excess sebum. It does not disturb the skin balance and take care of the skin, it will give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Rejudicare skin cleanse lathers easily in damp palms and prepares the face for further care. As a result, the pores will be cleansed, and serums with creams will be active. Gel benefits include:

natural origin of the components;


excellent foam;

preparation of the skin for day care;

acts gently on the skin.

The tool has been dermatologically tested and is in demand. There are no mineral oils and other components that can cause irritation.

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The cleanser should be applied to damp skin. Then you need to massage the skin a little until foam appears and rinse it off with water. The twist-off cap allows the bottle to be hermetically sealed. A dispenser is also provided, which allows you to squeeze out the right amount of the product. The gel-like thick consistency has a yellow tint and a pleasant smell. Due to the maximum concentration of active ingredients that work in combination, the necessary care and protection is provided.
The cleansing gel perfectly fights against various contaminants and consists of the following components: potassium sorbate; water; lemon acid; cocoglucoside; lauryl glucoside; sodium levulinate; glyceryl oleate. Step-by-step skin care does not take much time and will provide a good result if done correctly and using quality products. With Rejudicare products, you get not just cosmetics, but also highly effective products that give results in the long term. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.
9 March 2021 at 11:30
Отличное средство для умывания, использую вторым этапом вечером или моно с утра. Немного стягивает мою кожу если не нанести после крем, но ощушение чистоты и мягкости присутствует.
10 September 2020 at 04:15
Самое любимое средство? и ещё умывалка от Алайзов скин????
3 September 2020 at 11:54
Не сушит, мягко очищает, после умывания комфортно на лице, использую и утром и вечером, чувство чистоты присутствует , рекомендую . Кожа нормальная, 40+
20 July 2020 at 20:15
Это любовь с первого умывания! Именно ее не терпелось попробовать. 10 из 10. Все как я люблю. Пена.Вода.Свежесть.Увлажнение.!!!!!!!
6 July 2020 at 23:49
Не вызывает стянутости кожи после умывания!!! Хватает ооочень на долго!!!!!


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