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Purecleanse 150 ml cleanser

Rejudicare purecleanse is a real lifesaver for hypersensitive, irritated skin. The emulsion not only removes impurities, eliminates makeup, oily sheen, but also moisturizes, fights inflammation. Delicate texture, anti-inflammatory properties and a unique
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Purecleanse rejudicare is the best option for sensitive and normal skin. The composition contains safe and mild surfactants, bacterial extracts, glycerin. The emulsion performs a number of important functions: anti-inflammatory action; cleaning from pollution; fights redness; will make the skin softer. Another function of the emulsion is moisturizing. The product penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. The product has a pleasant aroma, is easy to apply, does not cause allergic reactions. Meadowfoam oil softens the skin and eliminates oily sheen. The cleansing emulsion gently cares for the skin, has a pH of 5.0-6.0. Thanks to the unique formula, the skin will be prepared for the next stage of care and the application of creams and serums. Marine proteobacteria extract has an anti-inflammatory effect. The cost of the emulsion is fully justified by the result of its application. You can order a professional tool on our official website. The online store offers a wide range of products in different price categories. Thanks to prompt delivery and a clear interface of the site, the purchase will be not only convenient, but also fast. We strive for the highest standards of customer service and are interested in establishing long-term partnerships.
The skin emulsion is applied once or twice a day, in the morning or in the evening, and applied to damp and clean skin of the neck, face and décolleté. Then you need to wait 30 seconds and rinse everything with cool water. Damaged facial skin needs proper care. With the emulsion, it will become softer and velvety. Complete with the drug is a detailed instruction containing the features of the application.
The emulsion contains the following components: Glycerin moisturizes the skin, enhances the healing and barrier functions of the skin, and normalizes the functioning of the epidermis. Meadowfoam seed oil has antioxidant properties. It will help form a barrier to external factors, while minimizing water loss. Betaine cocamidopropyl in coconut oil has healing and soothing properties. Extract of proteobacteria Alteromonas is extracted from the very depths of the sea, it will help to make the skin more elastic, as well as relieve sunburn, and promote the healing of micro cuts.
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