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iQuad Photozyme Total Eye Care cream 15ml

We like this cream for instant results. The product revitalizes the skin in the eye area, reduces wrinkles and dark patches.
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iQuad Total Eye Care is based on the unique Photozyme technology. It takes the principle of protecting the epidermis from UV radiation to a whole new level. The usual SPF agent only reduces the formation of DNA defects by 62%, and together with the enzymes of the Photozyme complex, this result increases to 93%. A practical dispenser makes it possible to receive a dose of cream sufficient for a single procedure with one press of the pump. The fine texture of the product allows you to evenly spread it over the skin and completely cover the area around the eyes. The drug is suitable for daily care for the skin around the eyes.

Care cream is ideal for photodamaged skin, during prolonged sun exposure, as well as for permanent care. It will help relieve swelling, improve blood microcirculation and stimulate lymph flow. Other benefits of using the tool include:

elimination of dark circles under the eyes;

increase in elasticity;

reducing the formation of DNA defects that lead to the appearance of deep wrinkles;

recovery from sun damage;

moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

activation of regeneration processes;

smoothing crow's feet and tightening the skin.
Rejudicare eye cream restores cells at the DNA level thanks to a balanced composition and a specially designed formula. After just a few procedures, the skin will be elastic, radiant and fresh. The thin and pleasant texture, as well as the delicate lemon color of the product, were appreciated by many of our customers. The cream comes with detailed instructions.
Use 2 times a day during morning and night treatment. Be sure to apply the cream before sun exposure. Apply a small amount of cream by gentle massage motions (one pump push) on clean dry skin around the eyes, let it absorb.

Rejudicare iquad total eye care has a unique composition, the cream contains the following components:

myristoyl nonapeptide3;
hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid;
safflower acids;
plankton extract;
hesperidin methyl chalcone;
cetearyl glucoside;
acetyl carboxymethyl cocoyl glycerol;
hesperidin methyl chalcone;
lysate of micrococci;
tocopherol acetate;
lysophosphatidic acid and others.
Plankton blue-green algae extract contains photolyase, which, when exposed to sunlight, cleaves CPD, which contributes to the restoration of the DNA structure. Nonapeptide-3 has a rejuvenating effect, phospholipids soothe irritation and restore the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

The cost of the cream is fully justified by the result of its application. Rejudicare iquad total eye care is used for home care and in salons. You can buy a professional tool on our official website. Thanks to fast delivery, in a couple of days you can start the procedures to look flawless at any time of the year.

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