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Omega 36 Body Complex body cream 236ml

Thanks to Rejudicare body cream, you can sunbathe for a long time without harming your skin. The tool will help maintain the lipid balance and provide the necessary care. If the cells of the epidermis have been damaged, they will recover.
Body complex
72 000 KZT
RejudiCare offers a new series of restorative products with Photozyme technology. Complex Omega is suitable for all skin types and is used for sun protection. A key feature of the tool is the use of photolyase and endonuclease photozymes. Thanks to these components, cells are restored at the DNA level. Omega36 slows down the aging process, the skin is nourished from the inside and effectively moisturized. The tool has a number of other advantages:
prevention of the manifestation of signs of photo-damage to the skin;
reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, scars;
radiance and healthy appearance of the skin;
removal of irritations;
fight against signs of a precancerous condition and age-related changes.
The action of the vitamin complex will be four times stronger than just vitamin C. Anacystis nidulans or plankton, under the action of sunlight, restores the structure of DNA and cleaves CPD. Ceramides with Cholesterol reduce trans-epidermal water loss and help to make skin softer.
It is profitable to buy a body cream on the Luluskinstore website with delivery to Astana, Almaty and other cities. The handy dispenser bottle is easy to use. Only one press of the pump allows you to get the required dose.
Cream from sagging body skin with a fine texture is evenly applied and distributed over the surface of the skin. The tool must be included in the daily day care. It is applied under sunscreen before and after sun exposure. The cream is spread with light massage movements without stretching. In this case, the skin should be well cleansed. The product penetrates quickly into the skin, no traces remain on the surface, there is no feeling of a tightening film.
The tool contains the following components:
sodium hyaluronate;
glyceryl stearate citrate;
caprylyl glycol;
ascorbyl linoleate;
cholesterol, carbomer;
lauryl lactate;
cetearyl alcohol;
polyglyceryl laurate and other components.
Cocoa butter will help keep skin firm and smooth. The combination of vitamin E and C in combination with ceramides restores the barrier and protects the skin. Hyaluronic acid maintains an optimal hydro-lipid balance. The price of the cream is fully justified by the result of his work.
If you are still wondering where to buy Rejudicare cream, contact Luluskinstore. We provide fast delivery of goods across Kazakhstan with the help of the best transport companies.
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