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RejudiCare Exfobrite Гель отшелушивающий для ухода за кожей 50 ml

No one likes pigment spots on the face. For skin with freckles, hyperpigmentation, age or seasonal spots, you need to use certain products. rejudicare illumin cream is specifically designed to address these concerns. The formula is fortified with natural
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Rejudicare has its own take on skincare. The Canadian company offers highly effective products for all stages of care. Indications for use include:

uneven skin tone;

acne at any stage;

manifestation of age-related changes;

enlarged pores;

severe peeling;

tendency to form black dots;

strong pigmentation.
Exfobrite rejudicare gel is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the combination of AHA acids, the skin is rejuvenated, its condition and appearance improve. The gel eliminates age spots, helps to soothe the skin, while the price remains affordable.

All Rejudicare products comply with international standards and are actively used in home and salon care. Numerous laboratory studies, the use of modern technologies allow us to create effective products.

You can buy any Rejudicare product from us with delivery to Almaty, Astana and other cities of Kazakhstan. The convenient interface of the site will help you choose the right product, and friendly managers will advise on all issues. The cost is affordable, the tool has proven itself well.
Skin brightening cream is applied after cleansing, during daily care. The tool in a convenient bottle has a pump that helps to dose the drug. The texture is light and delicate, the cream does not clog pores, does not stick and does not shine. rejudicare brightening face creams are useful at any age. The first results of their use will be noticeable after 2 weeks. The skin is brightened, looks healthy, and its tone evens out. The effect is similar to hardware procedures.
The tool includes the following components:
Niacinamide will correct uneven tone and improve relief. The tool works as an antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The skin is brightened after acne and pigmentation.
Alpha Arbutin reduces hyperpigmentation and promotes tyrosinase regulation.
Acetyl glycol beta-alanine is a special peptide that improves skin tone. Thanks to this component, the transport of melanin to the surface of the skin is controlled.
Glycolic acid is responsible for regeneration processes, promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The product has a mild exfoliating effect.
4-Hexylresorcinol has no toxic effects, rejuvenates and reduces inflammation.
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