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Montcarotte Kids Tooth Gel Rose Pear зубной гель

MontCarotte Kids Brush Collection‘s design takes into account the anatomy of children's teeth and tooth brushing technique (for children from 1 year old under adults supervising). Scientifically advanced MontCarotte brushes fiber is produced from the hig
10 100 KZT
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Contains: FLUORIDE, CALCIUM, XILITOL, VITAMINE E Fluoride and calcium strengthen the enamel. Xylitol protects against dental caries. Vitamin E calms and relieves the inflammation of kids’ tender gums. SAFE to swallow. WITH NO NEED TO RINSE. The gel stays on the teeth surface protecting against the plaque during the day due to its adhesive power. The tube is made from hypoallergenic three-layered plastic with a complementary barrier film, protecting the gel ingredients from the oxygenation, what permits not using conservatives, stabilizers. A small size of the tube’s opening controls the amount of squeezed tooth gel. Does not contain: parabens, silicones, SLS, antiseptics (triclosan), synthetic components (dyes, thickeners, conservatives), Fluoride 0,03%, RDA – 0.
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