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About us

   Hi there! My name is Asel and I’m 42. Sad? No way, because today, “forty is the new thirty’.  

I’ve been putting something on my face for the past 25 years. It means I have something to tell you on anti-ageing.

The collagen factory has closed, gravity is evil, and our prior goal is not to be addressed “ma’am” at the queue in the supermarket. 

I went through all the stages of skincare; starting from pimple removal, torturing skin with scrubs, and trying to hide oily T-zone under the powder. I spent a fortune on beauty products, and, I believed investment in all those name brands wasn't waste.

Only at the age of 40, I’ve got the idea that the key to successful skincare is the consistency and composition of the products. 

The reason behind the establishment of LULU was sharing my experience to warn you from unnecessary waste.

LULU experts know everything about your needs at the age of 20, 30, 40 and 50.

The process of selection of the products includes three steps. The first step, revision of the market of top-ranked items.

The second step, a thorough study of composition and training from an expert.

The third step, the introduction of products after trying it ourselves.

We build a business on trust and responsibility. Each of you is precious for us.